Gaming for Charity since 2019

The Fluffy Folio

Special thanks to The Fluffy Folio for supporting our 2021 and 2022 campaigns!

Creating Homebrew Monsters and Potions for your Dungeons & Dragons worlds!

See more original designs at: www.TheFluffyFolio.com instagram discord

The Guard Tower

Thank you to Guard Tower for supporting our 2022 campaign!

Local Columbus shop, with two locations; offering a friendly, casual atmosphere where people can share their love of games with both new and old friends.

Check out their events and products at: www.TheGuardTower.com Facebook discord

Crit Hit Ceramics

We’d like to thank to Crit Hit Ceramics for supporting our 2022 campaign!

Whether you are a retailer, looking for inventory, or an adventurer looking for unique dice for your games or collection, you will find everything you need here.

See more of their products at: www.CritHitCeramics.com Facebook instagram